• Water

  • Bottle

  • Blow

  • Shrink

  • Jar

  • Sleeve

Comparison between Manual Vs Automatic

Comparison between Manual Jar Washing & Automatic Jar Filling.

The Comparison Is Done On The Basis Of 100 Jars Being Washed In One Hour On A Normal Working Shift Of 8 Hours.

Manual washing 100 Jars/Hr.

20 ltrs Jar Machine 100 Jars/Hr.

  • Manual washing requires more than 6- 8 workers for washing the Jars alone.
  • Separate 2-3 workers are required for the Rinsing and Filling of the Jars.
  • Manual handling (like dropping, throwing, sliding, etc) of Jars at each point leads to breakage and less life of the Jars.
  • Manual handling also leads to scratches and dents on the jar which reduces the look of the Jar.
  • Wastage of water is huge and nothing is actually recycled.
  • Washing over a Time period is not exactly equal as during the start of the washing process.
  • Cost of labour is huge and if workers do not report on time there is loss of production & Revenue.
  • Requires only 1 person to load the Jar onto the machines Conveyor.
  • This operation is completely automatic and Labour free.
  • There is absolutely no manual handling of any jar, as jars move from one stage to another purely on a Conveyor belt. Hence life of jar increases.
  • No chance of scratches or any kind of dents possible during auto operation and hence enhances the life & looks.
  • Water usage is minimal and all water is recycled at every single stage.
  • As the system is automated the machine cleans all the jars equally on all counts.
  • Cost is reduced as the unit requires only 3 workers & any one can opt to do the production, due to easy operation.

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