“A PENNY SAVED IS PENNY EARNED” at UV TECH we are holistically concerned about the resource utilization of our customer. The Air Recovery System in the Fully Automatic Blow Moulding Machine is a stand out testimony our “We Care” attitude.

In the package beverage the rejection pertaining to empty bottles often is the thin line that decides the magnitude of success of the project itself

There is often the misconception of subcontracting that forces the bottlers to procure blown bottles from small time vendors. This concept has fatal results when the rejection/damage of the bottles due to transportation hit hard on the bottom line of the project.

The other concept is to go in for semi automatic blowing machines, this seems to be a readymade solution for small timers whose filling line itself is not automated. This segment of the industry has very limited scope in terms of representing a bigger brand. Even in this case the handling rejection is often prohibitive.

The fully automatic blow molding machine is considered a extravagant luxury in the bottling industry given the exorbitant cost of the machine, which is only supplemented by the ridiculously high operating cost and soaring electrical consumption.


At UV Tech we have mastered the art of “having the cake and eating it too”. ie the a fully automatic blowing machine at an affordable cost complemented by low operating cost and reasonable electrical consumption.

The Machine

The U V Tech fully automatic blow molding machine is a “no touch by hand” state of the art equipment. It puts into unison a simple design and optimized productivity with minimum rejection.

The Preform Loader

The Preform is loaded on to a preform loader from where it is conveyed into the Preform unscrambler, this sets up the orientation of the Preform ”Neck Up” to be fed into the Oven. From the preform loader to the Oven the preform transfer is thro a turn table. Our sensitivity to quality begins even here, we have installed a sensor controlled Pneumatic Latch to ensure the preforms are not fed if the IR lamps have not reached the set temperature

The Preform Heater

In the oven the preform is heated thro 2 sections of IR lamps to the specified temperature. The temperature setting are dependent on the profile /resin. In Our Blow Molding Machine the Preform is heated Neck Up. Generally in the other fully automatic Blow molding machines the preform is heat neck down which means the requirement of an Servo Shuttling system becomes imperative. This has an huge impact on the Electrical consumption.

The Rotation of preforms

This process is necessary for the preforms to be heated homogeneously. This process again warrants the requirement of a chain and sprocket mechanism which again has an adverse impact on the power consumption of the equipment. U VTech has evolved a system which is akin to the roller mechanism known to man from time immemorial. In this system the preform is loaded in between two bearings when the preform touches a spring loaded soft metal pad it rotates. This mechanism does not have any major power requirement. Further the distance between the preforms inside the heater plays a major part in the energy saving of our machine. Normally in the conventional automatic blowing machine the inverted preform is loaded on to a mandrel mounted on a sprocket the minimum distance between the preform because of basic design limitation is 160mm approx. This air gap of 160mm is heated and consumes energy which could have otherwise been saved.


We have not not gone by the conventional moulding which itself time consuming and requires highly skilled operators. In our machine the mould is mounted on a guides hence it is self aligning and very easy to load

The greatest advantage of this machine is “ A No Touch by Hand” line can be achieved. ie this blow molding machine can be directly integrated to Rinser filler Capper to achieve a fully automated line.



  • Savings can exceed 50% of the original amount of air used by the bottle blowing process.
  • Significant financial savings from the reduction in electricity consumption by the compressor.
  • The possibility of installing new blowers without investing in new compressors, leading to savings in purchasing costs.
  • The possibility of closing down some compressors, with resulting savings in maintenance costs.
  • Noise reduction and space saving in your factory tanks to the lower number of compressors installed.
  • You will recoup your investment in a short time, depending on electricity costs, bottle volume and production rates.
  • Overall savings on production costs
  • PET bottles are blow molded by injecting High Pressure Air (at about 40 bars – 580 psi) into a mould.When the blow-off valve is opened, the air contained in the bottle is directed to a muffler which releases the air into the atmosphere. This means that all of the air is lost. With the ARS recovery system, the air is directed to a recycling reservoir (about 50%), where it will be re-used under pressure.

Plus Points Of ARS System

  • The ARS System makes absolutely no difference to cycle times or the machine process. As a result, bottles can continue to be produced at the same rate without a drop in production or quality.
  • The ARS System can be installed quickly, with no major modifications to the blower units. Installation must be carried out by a qualified technician.
  • The ARS air recycling system can be disconnected without affecting the operation of the machine. The ARS System is completely independent of the blower unit, both mechanically and electrically.
  • The ARS System is either managed mechanically or by its own electronic system, depending on the configuration of the blower unit.

The machines are available in the following capacities

  • 2 CAVITY – 2400 BPH
  • 3 CAVITY – 3000 BPH
  • 4 CAVITY – 3800 BPH
  • 6 CAVITY – 5000 BPH