De – Mineralization plant is designed for counter current regeneration efficiency. The unique design prevents resin loss while backwashing. The systems available are Double Bed and Mixed Bed – Up flow/Down Flow. The vessels are made out of FRP/PVC/MSRL/ SS 316 etc., as per customer’s requirements. The quality resins provided ensure high-purity output water.

De – Mineralization Plant The DM plant purifies water by removing extraneous mineral ions from input water.

The process of ion-exchange is the reversible exchange of ions between a solid (synthetic resin) and a liquid in which there is no substantial change in the structure of the solid.

As the water is passed through a series of resin beds, the ionic content is removed by chemical reaction. The result is chemically pure water, from the standpoint of freedom from ionic constituents, but non – electrolytes such as organic compounds and micro-organisms may not be removed.

The following advantages of this plant are; –

  • Systems are manufactured from MSRL, FRP, SS 316, Mild Steel etc.
  • Standard models are available for a flow rate of 50 LPH to 1,00,000 LPH.
  • Custom made models also available as per requirements.
  • Use of excellent quality resin gives high output.