Electronic dosing pumps incorporate the same drive, control and liquid design features as the series pumps. Their housing is made of corrosion resistant, impact resistant, glass fibre reinforced NORYL Plastic. Thus, they are insensitive to aggressive dosing media or vapours, meet the splash proof and dust proof requirement of protection class IP 65.

The electronic control of these pumps an advanced development derived from the experience gained in long term manufacture of electronic dosing pumps has been realised in high quality hybrid technology, which guarantees the proverbial reliability of electronic dosing pumps, under continuous operating conditions. As a standard feature, all electronic dosing pumps allow easy change over from internal to external mode with the help of a knob. In external mode, pump can be operated through potential free contact upto a maximum of 6000 contacts per hour.

Electronic pumps have complete independent adjustability of the required quantity delivered per stroke and stroke frequency, giving rise to infinitely adjustable dosing from 0.4% to 100% while at the same time ensuring optimum performance to the variety of demands made by the water treatment process.

These pumps have the following advantages:

  • They sense the amount of water flow across the pipeline and dose the exact amount of chemical required according to the flow.
  • A wide range of chemicals can be used as they are made of non-corrosive and non- reactive HDPE materials.
  • They have an inbuilt level controller which can shut the pump if the chemical level goes below the set point. This saves the pump from running dry.
  • As they are completely electronic a high level of accuracy of dosing is maintained.
  • As they are light and compact in construction they can be easily mounted in a matter of minutes in any place and even on walls.