The water while pumping to storage tank is to be dosed online through an electronic doser with Chlorine for Bacterial Disinfection. Ample settling time is allowed for Chlorine contact. The electronic doser is used so that it doses the exact amount of chlorine as per the water flow.

It is then passed through a Sand Filter for trapping of undissolved impurities upto 15 microns. And then passed through an Activated Carbon Filter for absorption of colour and odour. As activated Carbon is very good De-Chlorinator it removes all the traces of chlorine in the water.

Process Treatment

It is then dosed with an Antiscalant Doser to prevent scale formation and choking due to Silica Content. Then it is pumped through a Reverse Osmosis System to bring down the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). A line from the Carbon Filter is drawn and connected to the Reverse Osmosis Process outlet. This line is to be termed as Blending Line. Blending is to be done at a ratio of best palatability in the range of 90-120 ppm. You may even keep a lesser range if the taste is better according to palatability. Then it is stored in a tank. This is to be termed as storage cum blending tank.

Final Treatment

The water from the storage tank is later pumped through a series of Micron Filters of size 5,1,0.45 for the removal of impurities upto a size of 0.45 Microns. It is ozonised in the Ozone in the blending tank, this is done prior to the Micron Filters. This has an added advantage i.e. Ozone kills bacteria 3000 times faster than chlorine and it also oxidizes all other heavy metals present in the water like barium, Strocium in the water. Then it is passed through 0.2 Micron Filter as it can even trap bacteria. And later it is passed through Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System for Terminal Disinfection and later for processing.

From buffer tank a pipe line is taken to the jacketed tank of 1600 capacity. Then Add sugar + water in the jacketed tank. Pass stream at 300 kg/cm2from boiler. It has to be stirred for1 hr with Agitator to make sugar Syrup. The temperature inside the jacketed tank has to be maintained 60o to 80o. After this it is passed through a pump to a filter press (sugar press).Here all Black / impurities will be removed by sugar press. Then it go to PHE- Plate Heat Exchanger. it will reduce temperature from 60o to 30oC (Room Temperature).This is done so that the main flavour is not spoilt.

Then it sent to first flavour Tank (3000 ltrs capacity) at 30oC.Here we have to add the flavour first and then the sugar syrup has to be added as per the requirement. The mixture will then be agitated from a period of 12-24hrs depending on the flavour.

Care should be taken that all the flavours are done at the same time. Then with sampling cock taste the exact % of sugar- requirement. Once the exact solution is reached it will be passed through a positive displacement pump to the pre-mix section. Then add water from Water Treatment Plant to premix the water should be soft with no hardness.

Syrup will come to syrup tank in premix. Measure syrup and water approximately to get correct flavour and % of sugar. Then the entire solution (flavour) will be chilled to 2oC by PHE (Filter –Freon) after chilling inject with carbon di-oxide. from carbon di-oxide manifold to get approximate gas volume. After this it will go to Premix carbonator for preparing a homogenous mixture. After this it will be sent to the filling point of the filling machine.