U.V.Tech Systems Pressure Sand Filter is specially designed to trap turbidity and suspended impurities from raw water upto 15 Micron size or more at relatively high flow rates which range from a mere 250 lph to 3,00,000 lph according to the capacity required.

The Filter media employed is clean sieved graded Quartz sand, as Quartz sand has a unique property which doesn’t allow the trapped suspended solids in the water to stick to it and thus are easily removed. For application like iron removal, chlorine scavenging etc., special media like MnO2, Activated carbon etc. is used.

U.V.Tech Systems is of standard Engineering Design confirming to ISI standards. The Material of Construction for the Pressure vessels is of three varieties namely Stainless Steel 304,316 / Mild Steel /FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic). MS/SS Vessels are fitted with dished ends, man-holes, supporting legs and facing pads for pipe connections.

The MS Vessel is painted internally with Epoxy and externally with Red Oxide. It is also fitted with a set of internal distribution systems and collection systems for Filteration, Rinsing and Backwashing of water. A Set of Pressure Gauges for inlet and outlet connections is also provided.

The FRP Vessels are designed and tested for High Pressure Flow and last much longer than MS vessels. They are fitted with Multiport Valves which give all the operations by A SINGLE VALVE OPERATION and thus are cost effective & easy to use. They do not require any painting or maintenance. Moreover the advantage is that they are of food grade quality and can be used even in the food industry. They are also light in weight and can be easily mounted on rooftops of residential premises.

In stainless steel vessels we maintain the highest quality by using SS 316 material for construction. These vessels are non corrosive and last longer than any kind of material of construction. Here the advantage is that there are no welded points in the whole pipeline as we give triclover fittings for connecting the entire pipeline. This gives an added advantage of dismantling the whole plant within 45 minutes without any tools. These vessels are internally and externally polished to maintain high quality standards.

We can also give completely automatic valves for labour free operations. These valves can be set according to time intervals or based on the amount of flow required from the water treatment plant. Once set according to the requirement they can perform the operation flawlessly for any number of times.