The rendering of a product irrespective of the power the brand determines the acceptance and eventually the success of the product.

Over the years the war of commodities has only increased multifold pushing the creativity and innovative marketing skills to the limit, wherein the limit itself seems to have the elastic modulus raised to the power of infinity.

With the demand ever on the rise and the manufacturers ever scrambling to usurp control over the ever growing market, the effort is no longer to dump the product in to a box and fling it into the market but to bring out the product and showcase it to the world at large.

To be succinct the endeavour is to “THINK OUT OF THE BOX” for the product, than to “BOX IT”.

The offering of packaged drinking water as a FMCG product has brought about an awareness that is no longer confined to the realm of the few quality control personal in a handful of manufacturers who are really cognizant to quality of their product. It is this awareness that has brought about To Know All attitude about the product. Given this scenario, the consumer wants to have a real closer look before the purchase is made.

Shrink-Packing -Machine

The carton box packing was the age old process that survived only for a lack of suitable alternative. The advent of shrink wrapping as an alternative has not only redefined the art of Product Offering but also has set a clear roadmap on the economics of packing.

The plight of the manufacturer is obvious when the despatches take place on a rainy day. The contention is not only to take care of the production woes but also to put in place all necessary precaution viz covering the truck with tarpaulin and plastic sheets to ensure the product successfully reaches the distributor. Even after this one leaky bottle would mean the entire column of cartons would never make it to the end user.

To add to this was the in process rejection, the labourers often trampled upon more cartons than they packed successfully, a scenario of “RUBBING SALT INTO THE WOUND”.

The answer to all this was the Shrink Wrap. It was a near perfect fairy tale endling to the packing woes of the the manufacturer. It not only was cost wise more effective but also reduced the transportation rejections drastically.

Given the opportunity to be a part of a solution, UVTECH jumped into the fray with our offering of The Shrink Wrapping Machine.

We at uvtech have analysed the requirements of the process and have put in place an equipment is capable of churning out 8-10 cases per min.

The equipment is PLC controlled and has a VFD that is infinitely responsive to the variations in output. The machine is completely powder quoted and atmost care has been taken in ensuring that the machine delivers a “No Touch By Hand Process”.

The economics and comparative analysis of Carton Packing vs Shrink wrapping is detailed for the reference of our esteemed users. Kindly note the comparative analysis does not take into account the costs due to rejection of cartons and the cost due to in process damage of cartons.