In water treatment the Softener is used to bring down the hardness present in the water. For this we pass the water through Cationic resin (with sodium base).

The basic design of the Softener is based on the total hardness present in the water. Presently the resins are available to reduce the hardness upto 1000 ppm. More than 1000 ppm hardness cannot be treated to bring down the hardness to zero through one pass Softening plant.


The vessel of the Softener is fabricated from Mild Steel and internally Rubber lined or Epoxy Coated Both the ends of the vessel is dished with strainer plate and bolted without any leakage.

We design and recommend the Softeners on case to case basis. All the internal distribution pipes are also Anti Corrosive. The frontal pipe is having one inlet, one outlet and one drain and ejector connection. All the pipelines are interconnected using necessary valves for different operation.

This is a Downflow Softener. The inlet water is sent from the top. The water passes through the resin will reduce the hardness to commercial zero. Depending upon the capacity of the plant we have to regenerate the system (Softener) with salt solution. The brine solution will be sucked through the ejector, ejector to the Softner through the inlet and than passes through the resin to regenerate the system. After each regeneration the Softener will give again the same designed output between two regeneration. After each regeneration the Softener will be washed with fresh water for before use.

Generally we maintain minimum 1 Kg to 3.5 Kg

pressure maximum better results.