Working Principle.

The main pre requisite for the 20 ltr jar is the thorough cleaning with is an absolute essentiality. To ensure this is achieved our machine is equipped with a seven stage wash as detailed below

  • Stage 1 – Alkali Water Wash
  • Stage 2 – soap water wash
  • Stage 3 – Disinfectant water Wash
  • Stage 4 – Hot Water Wash – 1
  • Stage 5 – Hot Water Wash – 2
  • Stage 6 – Recycled Pure Water Wash
  • Stage 7 – Final Product Water wash

In the rendering below we have out lined the various features that have made The U V Tech Jar filling machine a trusted Money spinner amongst Packers

Stage separator curtains : to ensure that the cleaning medium from stage does not spill over to the adjacent stage

image1 (1)

Double line feeding with internal cup holders mounted on chain conveyors

All pumps & pipelines used in the machine for washing, are in stainless steel 304. The filling line and the filling pump is in stainless steel 316. All joints in the pipeline are with tri-clover fittings with silicon o rings for easy maintenance and cleaning procedures.


All pump contactors are of lg make , temperature controller and timers are of omron . Plc – panasonic make and an frl with pressure protector is provided inside the pannel itself

For a direct interaction our application engineers will be with you and explain in detail, and what more they would also facilitate a demo at the plant with one of our numerous customers